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Network Management

We offer flexible monthly contracts custom tailored to your needs including a mix of advice, reporting, discounted user support hours, monitoring and maintenance for as little as $160/m.  We believe in proactive care of your network!

Dental IT Support

We specialize in IT support for Dental Practices! Our contracts offer a full range of services geared especially towards Dental Industry.

We provide expert support and mediation for all dental software and computer networking as well as advice and upgrades.

Custom IT Solutions

Let us design your platform for you.  Whether we are talking a SAN, a backup system, high-availability computing or terminal services - we can plan design, procure, implement and support your custom solution.

Business Audio Services

Our Business Audio Services include On-Hold Phone Marketing productions, voice mail, auto attendant and web audio services.

Our competitive pricing and great service makes us a great choice for all your audio needs.

Monitoring & Maintenance
Backup Solutions

Trust us to monitor your network and keep it healthy with upgrades and protection.  We deliver monthly reports on the status of your core resources coupled with advice on what to upgrade, replace or change.  Packages start as low as $100.00/month.

We offer custom image-level on-site backup solutions which are far superior to any file level backup out there today.  Couple this with online backup for mission critical data to enjoy a full protection with near instant recovery.  Call us for more info.

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